The Sieve Method

How to buy an apartment? The Sieve Method

In this chapter, I allow myself to give you some advices; advices resulted from 26 years of experience. I call it ‘The Sieve Method’! (It looks like that method in Maths).

It is well-known that on the real estate market, in Timisoara, Romania or worldwide, are many offers. Of course, except a few cases, you will not be able to see all of them. And, being such an important investment, you should do it with open heart. Do not think that perhaps you missed another opportunity by buying what you bought!

How to find an apartment? What is ‘The Sieve Method’?

First of all, you have to have cleared the budget that you want or you can spend. If there is bank credit involved, make it sure with your bank ‘how much can you spend’.Take notice of their requirements and conditions. Not all the banks have the same rules. The owner too has to accept a bank creditation. Not all of them do accept.

Second, I am sure you will start to crawl the internet to find apartment for sale. There are hundreds of offers: from owners or real estate agencies. Before going to see them, talk about them with your family. They are ‘the sieve’ that can help you to find what really suits you. Don't ask your friends, because none of them is really capable to give you an advice. At least, your elders have more experience and they want your best!And you can fully trust them.

Now that you have decided, go and see the properties. Again, afterwards, talk with your family and choose 2-3 or more offers that are adjusting your tastes/requirements. Go and visit those ones again, looking at details and talk with the owners. Finally, you will see how from so many offers are remaining just a couple of them. (The sieve was working, isn’t it?). By talking with the owners, you can find precious details about the neighbourhood, how public transport is working, where are the closest shops, pharmacies, schools and so on. You can see if there is parking, if the area is crowded or not. The details you should look at are if the windows and doors are closing properly, if the water has normal pressure, if the heating system is working (this important aspect you should check even if you acquire the apartment in summer time). Also, the orientation is very important: you don't want a Northfaceing apartment, because is very dark!

Now is your turn: which one you choose? Here, the sieve cannot replace your feelings (you should choose that one that give you good and positive vibe). Even me I am using The Sieve Method. Now, that you find your home, there are a few steps to be done.

Follow the blog and you will find answers to your questions: How to prepare documentation?, how to get a notary?, what papers do I need? and so on.  

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